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7526, Quick detour
Posted by Intelligently95, Thu Jul-18-02 12:48 AM
Why am I wrong, because you say so? LOL, I do not search for multisyllabic words as you put it, that is just how I speak, & I personally do not own a thesaurus.

Ok on to etymology. An etymology is the branch of science that deals w/the origin and historical development of words. Tracing its earliset usage and the transmission of words via other languages. Ok example, patriarch is a male leader or a society ran by a man or men. The etymology of this word has its inception in the word PADRE, which is Latin for father. W/all of this in mind, that's why I said what I did was parallel to an etymological breakdown.

Being prejudice & racist are not synonymous. Understanding the cosmopolitian ploys of semantics is rudimentary for this discussion. On this note...


“...You can’t even absorb the rhymes I record, or resolve the deep laws of the physics involved. I travel to the edge of the universe & beyond, parsecs I arranged from a cellular star-tech, from the galaxy of andromeda; I puzzle brothers like crop circles & other unexplained phenomena’s.” – Can-I-Bus