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Topic subjectRE: *Ties locks back & bites into tofu wrap w/quinoa*
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7525, RE: *Ties locks back & bites into tofu wrap w/quinoa*
Posted by PaulNice, Wed Jul-17-02 04:10 PM
Once again you are wrong. You should concentrate on content and stop searching for multisyllabic words in your thesaurus. The word "race", as it is used in conjunction with a group of people, was first used in France to describe wines with a common characteristic flavor - the Middle French word "razza". It later went on to mean "group of people with common occupation," and "generation". The modern meaning of "one of the great divisions of mankind based on physical peculiarities" is from 1774. It never referred to any "competition" in any way shape or form.

Perhaps you should READ the definition of the word "etymology" before you use it again.