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Topic subject*Ties locks back & bites into tofu wrap w/quinoa*
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7524, *Ties locks back & bites into tofu wrap w/quinoa*
Posted by Intelligently95, Wed Jul-17-02 03:45 PM
You semantical cosmopolitian attention seeking moron! What I did was parallel to an etymology, you fuckin idiot, stop trolling the discussion & please do yourself a favor & save your droaning humor, u are nowhere near the hemisphere of being funny! Now Once again, I implore you to STUDY the socially engineered concept of race & imperialism. The word race first appeared w/the emergence of the slave practice in the 16th century. Records indicate the word race was selected because the various EUROPEAN slave-trading nations were in a CONTEST, COMPETING, to profit from the mineral & human wealth of Africa. This is the inception of Western Civilization...

You Paul Nice are as RIDICULOUS AS JAMES TRAFFICANT'S WIG! Dismal idiot! On that note...


“… You can’t even absorb the rhymes I record, or resolve the deep laws of the physics involved. I travel to the edge of the universe & beyond, parsecs I arranged from a cellular star-tech, from the galaxy of andromeda; I puzzle brothers like crop circles & other unexplained phenomena’s.” – Can-I-Bus