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Topic subjectRE: Emphatically Now Cipher!
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7523, RE: Emphatically Now Cipher!
Posted by PaulNice, Wed Jul-17-02 03:06 PM

>In the root word of RACISM you have RACE, which denotes

There's no reason to counter all the other crap in your post, because this idiotic statement is the entire foundation for your erroneous assertion. There is more than one definition of "race" and they are not all related. The CORNY 5% habit of breaking down words in order to change their meaning only serves to distance you from the true and actual definition of the word, and puts you at a disadvantage when debating someone who has a firm and unwavering grasp of the English language. For instance -

What is MELANIN? Why are black people always talking about it? Well, let's break it down - melanin is melon - in. Now, what do you put your melon in? A basket! See! Melanin is the basket of hate that angry blacks put all white people in regardless of if they're racist or not!

Drop that fucking horse shit. It's stupid.