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Topic subjectRE: For me, there's quite a few.
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7486, RE: For me, there's quite a few.
Posted by HoChiGrimm, Wed Sep-04-02 05:38 AM
There are a lot individuals on this
board who have really helped me to
learn new things and grow mentally.

To name a few:

Uta has recently introduced me
to Malidoma Patrice Some' and
helped me become more familiar
with the African centered lifestyle.

Nettrice has always provided me
with sound advice on how to handle
adversity and achieve self empowerment.

FireBrand represents an unyielding desire to
fight for social change, not just through
words but also through action.

Allah & Intel 95 have helped me develop a
better understanding of 5% Science, thus
demystifying some common myths about the

Aquaman, for just cutting through the all
the bullspit and keeping it real.

SherronShabbaz for illuminating me with
knowledge about Islam.

I definitely cannot leave out AZ & Eli B,
both of whom continue to show unwavering
support and compassion for the Palestinian