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Topic subjectRE: who's the head poster/activist down here?
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7434, RE: who's the head poster/activist down here?
Posted by MFreeman, Tue Sep-03-02 09:15 PM
A rough list:

bigblakafrika(aka praverbs) and thrill_factor-their appearances are rare but worthy

JenNJuice-for injectin' much-needed humor into this square-ass Activist board

Eli_B-this head knows all that needs to be known 'bout Palestine

SherronShabazz and AZ-for usin' accessible language to discuss politics, a sharp contrast to those who put me to sleep by soundin' like they're regurgitatin' words directly from a textbook

Aquaman-for his enthusiasm. His every-other-day platinum posts(50% of which are his replies) give evidence of this.

HoChiGrimm-gives me proof that not all whiteys are devils, just 98%.

40thStreetBlack-this world historian always has something interestin' to say

Ummahsomethings-I like their camaraderie.

Allah-never met anyone who was so insistent on defendin' his godly existence. He's also the official NGE street-teamer.

PaulNice-he's a fuckin' dumbass alright, but at least he's good at bein' one.