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Topic subjectRE: who's the head poster/activist down here?
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7430, RE: who's the head poster/activist down here?
Posted by PaulNice, Tue Sep-03-02 05:34 PM
I don't know who the head is, but I respect

Firebrand - he knows his shit, he has a keen intellect and approaches every debate with compassion and a willingness to hear your side of the argument - even if he's disagreed with you on every debate you've had before that one

Sherron Shabazz - intelligence and a sly wit, thinks I'm an idiot but still listens to my ideas, one of the few people here that come strong enough to make me re-evaluate my philosophy on a regular basis

JenNJuice - maintains an open mind despite the shit she catches for it - remember Jen: to the brave belong all things (Brennus, a Gaulish cheiftain, to a Roman legate 4th century BC)

Sopdet - despite the language barrier, comes with knowledge and a desire to teach instead of pontificate

Expertise - never seems to be at a loss for knowledge to back up his debates, and consistently speaks his mind despite the fact that just about every single person on this site disagrees with everything he says

I'm sure there's more, but these are the first and foremost.