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Topic subjectRE: I guess...in a way you are right.
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7428, RE: I guess...in a way you are right.
Posted by CantCBob, Thu Sep-05-02 02:25 PM
thanks for the shout. always glad to see that intellect actually counts for something these days. I'm feelin' everyone on these boards even if I can't stand a word that comes out of their mouths. At least they're speakin' their mind, and that is a lot more than most people are comfortable doin'. I'm goin' to Spain for the next four months, and I won't have a computer at my disposal like I did at work this summer, so I won't be around as often. But to all of ya'll who made my summer entertaining, thanks. And to the few of you, and you all know who you are, who actually gave my time on these boards meaning and created something positive out of it, much love and much respect ya'll make me think that change is actually possible in this world and at sometimes, probable. Now that's enough with my speech, I'll save it for next year's grammy. But to all those opposed.........

"That's why you'll never catch Brown Jenkins, he was and he will be, but he very seldom is"