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Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Sep-03-02 04:50 PM
>I still think that more than anything there are simply schools >of thought,

exactly. i totally agree with you on THAT. and that's all that i was saying, and bc of their "train of thought" i respect them.

peep my list-those are the people that ACTUALLY make me think, no one else has done that for me, in a way my interactions with said people have caused me to "change" something within myself.

people are impressed with ideas. but ironically alot of the deemed super thought provoking lets promote change ideas are NOT original. i can type some shit so and so said that was so profound and deep about doing this to change that on yahoo and get the same parable from some anthropologist or scholar. its the personality and the wit that seperates people in this forum.

your saying their leader's, im saying certain people are popular. no disrespect to you-uta or nettrice but that shit is a joke to me-in a sense that it totally disregard's everyone else's input. one does not have to be blatently verbose about promoting change. indirect cause to action is just as affective TO ME. and that's why again said people get said prop's.


"However, the village mentality, and understanding what worked for us before injustice, before yurugu infection, before colonialism is what will save us now. "-Firebrand