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Topic subjectWhy do you ask?- and NO. There is no LEADER here.
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7423, Why do you ask?- and NO. There is no LEADER here.
Posted by FireBrand, Tue Sep-03-02 04:14 PM
There are certainly schools of thought. Many of these "schools" intersect and blend along lines that are no longer black and white, but instead shades of gray. In this gray area is where we coexist.

There is no definitive leader- and I think that despite what many of these posts may tell you I think many respect each other-bear in mind this IS a internet message board.

I wager that not many of us here are THIS eccentric-cept maybe myself and I can only speak for myself cus I don't KNOW anyone in here cept' my girl- and she's just a lurker.

We have everything from Libertarians to Green Party, and Socialist...christians, agnostics, Muslims, and Jews...We are of so many ethnicities I won't begin to list. There are so many positions, and ways of thinking it is ridiculous. Just leave it alone.

Even in presenting the question you have posed in the way that you did will keep many from responding.

The only reason I responded is 'cus I don't want you to get the wrong Idea- some would say 'who gives a fuck, such things are nonsense' and they are right...but I'm online checking my email...and have nothing better to do 'fore I hit the bed.

G'night ya'll.

In celebration of Black beauty...damn!

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"Well, when your every breath and will to live is an act of resistance, you cannot help but be 'too political'. To do otherwise is to hide, to live in denial and defeat." --ArabHottie

" If we can't learn to live together despite the turmoil of past generations we are doomed." -Stern

"And where today is the stable community that would sustain such a couple, where one can be both poor and diginified and raise one's children with decency and hope... If the answer is education, does our society adequateley provide that tool of self-improvement to the less well off?"-- Sidney Poitier

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"And herein lies the tragedy of the age: not that men are poor,-all men know something of poverty; not that men are wicked,-who is good? Not that men are ignorant, -what is Truth? Nay, but that men know so little of men."
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