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Topic subjectRE: head poster's?
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7422, RE: head poster's?
Posted by jenNjuice, Tue Sep-03-02 03:38 PM
none other to me but the self proclaimed duo utumaraho and solarus-they're o.k though-they know alot of shit-and so people kiss their asses..its sickening sometimes..*hurls*..but i lov em anyway.


MY favorites (as in people who i feel are "heads" or should be-maybe they are but they don't get enough credit-fuck it might as well-here's my list and why

im really interested in these people's opinions because to me their not on some self image, granduer-gratification type shit

i-95:peace black man:)

justin scott:super nice-dude has my utmost respect

paulnice: my baby daaddy. he's not as bad as you misinterpret
him as (or maybe i just don't read that much:)

allah:yo-he's just a funny cat. i respect his gangsta

mfreeman: i love reading her responses, cool girl, mad funny 2

jahlove:love arguing with him, he alway's challenges my thoughts in a respectful manner-he just has this calmness and patieince about him and it shines when-well it illuminates itself when ever im discussing some shit with him.

...ummmmmmmmmmm....and i like some of nettrice's post-she actually gave me some really great advice-and i can do nothing but appreciate and respect her for doing that. thanks.

whatever happened to afkap of darkness? that african boy fell off the face of this earth or some shit?
i miss his insights on activist related issues.

shit i appreciate all of ya'll damnit.there's alot of cats on here who don't post im sure outta fear of being "disrespected" but fuck these arrogant mo'fos-speak your mind.


"However, the village mentality, and understanding what worked for us before injustice, before yurugu infection, before colonialism is what will save us now. "-Firebrand