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6826, RE: Web Sites All Activist Must Know: Post A Site
Posted by Saracen, Sun Oct-27-02 05:16 AM
On spooky thing about Jihad Unspun is that you can see i the video clips that the people who love and embrace terrorism, are VERY serious. It freaks me out that one day, I might be an Islamic victim of terrorism by so-called Muslims. It's important to me that our community stand up aginst those who call themselves martyrs after killing children, women, elders, other Muslims and civilians in general.

www.jihadunspun.com, check it out. If you do not know much about Islam, I'd suggest starting with....

www.zaytuna.org (they teach the truest spirit of Islam as I have come to know it)

www.islam-online.com (a news site, very good journalism)

www.africana.com (not a Muslim site, but they cover a lot of things with great balance of thought)

"There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man. True nobility comes from being superior to your old self." - Prophet Muhammad (SAW)