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6823, Web Sites All Activist Must Know: Post A Site
Posted by Xenophobia, Fri Oct-25-02 07:08 PM

Clear Channel backed ONA.

Xenophobia's Report card:

Special Ed:
Yao Ming 1st Pick
Usher's Twix Commercial
Heaven I Need A Hug

Gifted and Talented:
Headphone Masterpiece
Blueprint C+
Stillmatic A+
Nellyvile F
Minority Report D
2003 Prince Celebration C+
Angles Without Edges A+
Instant Vintage A-
Cookie C+
Truthfully Speaking F
Tar Baby B+
Peace Beyond Passion A+
One Nite Alone B

Comment Of The Momment:
We're now going to worry
about whether or not
hairstyle terminology is
offensive. Can we possibly
form an activist group to
kickstart the unpussifying of
America? If you truly get
offended by the name of a
hairstyle then either kill
yourself or stomp a
shovelfull of dogshit down
the guy's throat that said it
- do anything but get a
general consensus on whether
or not you should be offended
or how you should act.