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Topic subjectok why am i JUST
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6815, ok why am i JUST
Posted by LexM, Wed Oct-30-02 04:44 AM
seeing shit on the news about this??

usually the day after they're doing the sappy tribute.

i'm just seeing that kind of press this morning.


"The Bush team does not want you to know that Iraq does not pose a grave threat to the United States of America. Iraq has been effectively contained by the sanctions, and the weapons inspectors virtually annihilated whatever weapons program they had. Whatever they might have been able to squirrel away is now junk, because the chemistry of the stuff they were trying to make dictates that it ceases to be effective after a couple of years. They do not have any missile technology. They certainly do not have any connections to Al Qaeda - Saddam Hussein has been viciously and vigorously repressing Islamic fundamentalism in his own country... If Hussein were to give Al Qaeda weapons of mass destruction, they would use those weapons on him first... Also, the politics and cultural facts of the region, this pipedream of democracy in Iraq, that we're going to institute a regime change and create western style democracy, is laughable... If we were to give them western style democracy, they would immediately align themselves with Iran and create a strategic issue that is ten times as bad as the one we have now." ~