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Topic subjectdon't get it twisted.
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6812, don't get it twisted.
Posted by poetx, Wed Oct-30-02 06:58 AM
>Of course they want to oust Wellstone, because he's a
>Democrat. The less Democrats, the better. But to claim it
>was a conspiracy because of Wellstone's "dangerous" politics
>is ridiculous, when Wellstone posed a threat to noone, can
>barely win reelection in his own state, IF he was to win in
>the first place, and alot of times was on the minority end
>of key legislative proposals.

i'm not suggesting that wellstone was some kind of messiah or anything. maybe more of a john the baptist, as he was very much a voice in the wilderness of the right-centrist DLC which has left most of us with even less choice within this corrupt and self-preserving two party duopoly.

and, again, i wasn't saying that it was definitely an assassination, but more that the confluence of events are more than enough to have me thinking, "hmmmm..." like vintage arsenio. its speculation. but if it was cool for right-wingers to speculate over that whitewater cat who got suspiciously deaded when clinton was elected, i definitely find this to be within the bounds.

the similar death mel carnahan a couple of years ago just pushes my suspicion meter up, that's all. hey, if trent lott or strom thurmond go down, we'll call it even.

on the real, though, while too much speculation and cynicism can be healthy and diversionary, we definitely have to maintain some degree of cynicism about our government in this country. i mean, who would have dreamed (besides raving left-wingers) that the Gulf of Tonkin incident didn't go down as 'we' were told years ago?

the CIA, at the least, has a documented history of using assassination as a destabilizing tool internationally. this isn't "the gubmint tryna control my mind through the cable tv box" ish that i'm talking... a dead senator, at a time when the president is pushing hard for a completely unnecessary and unwarranted war (to distract from not only the administration's woeful mismanagement of the economy, but also the complicity of many of its key players) is a damn good thing to speculate upon.

peace & blessings,