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Topic subjectnaw, they 'convenienced' his wife, too.
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6810, naw, they 'convenienced' his wife, too.
Posted by poetx, Tue Oct-29-02 05:10 AM
so there won't be any Jean Carnihan haps around here. (they're trying to re-animate Walter Mondale to run in his place, though).

Expertise, you're entirely right to point out that this is all speculation. I even said as much. The gist is that it could be indicative of a nefarious plot, or merely, a highly convenient set of circumstances for the folks running the country. Don't front like the republicans wouldn't have minded if he won, however. The Nation article referenced clearly that Wellstone was Karl Rove's number 1 (political) target. Even if you don't want to trust the Nation's reporting, from 'sources' within the republican party, you must concede that the amount of money that they've poured into Norm Coleman's campaign is indicative of an intense desire to oust Wellstone.

Does that intense desire necessarily translate into someone sabotaging his plane? Nah. But that's also not an impossibility. Just like that Enron official that just up and decided to kill himself, when he was already on record as a dissenter from their sheisty dealings and would have likely been courted as a gov't witness rather than a prosecution target. Did someone 'off' him? To my mind, probably, but we'll suffice it to say that if he did actually kill himself, the confluence of the facts surrounding the case made his death mad convenient for the Ken Lay's and Jeff Fastows who would have been implicated had he tuned states' evidence.