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6802, RE: And you expect the war machine...
Posted by Expertise, Mon Oct-28-02 07:34 AM
*LOL* this is so stupid. It's like you guys can never accept reality, so you have to create your own. Wellstone wasn't a threat in Congress. He was mostly a loner because of his far left extremist politics. The Republicans, in retrospect, would have LOVED for Wellstone to stay in the public picture because he wouldn't have gotten anywhere and would have brought the Democrats down. Even if he won reelection in Minnesota it would have fared bad for him because it looks like he isn't getting as much support as he should. He had already lied about a term limits pledge, in which he was only supposed to serve 2 terms, in which Coleman was eating him up for. Wellstone would have been better off alive than dead to the Republicans.

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