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Topic subjectin related news (cuz its all related), bush
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6792, in related news (cuz its all related), bush
Posted by poetx, Sun Oct-27-02 07:33 AM
has announced that the US will attack Iraq anyway, if the UN doesn't come up with a strong enough resolution. damn, way to represent our democratic freedoms, dawg.

he came out and said we're going to attack iraq.

his own cabinet, not to mention most of the people on the planet said this was wrong, and urged him to work through the un.

they grudgingly went to the un, made speeches, and presented a bunch of lies and half-truths (vis a vis iraq's current weapons capabilities and links to al-qaeda).

france, russia, and china (ie, 3 of the 5 permanent security panel members w/ veto power) said, we're not going to go for the okeydoke and give the us carte blance to do what its already stated it wanted to do (bombs over baghdad). they demur, and counter with the suggestion that inspections resume prior to any announcement of punishment for non-compliance with said inspections.

bush halfheartedly tries to curry favor w/ france, russia, china. after meeting w/ chinese president, the announcement is made that if UN, which is supposed to represent the world, doesn't do what ONE country in the world (us) wants, we will attack iraq anyway with our rag-tag coalition of ex-colonial empires, and arab-uncle-tom states.

good shit, indeed.