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Topic subjectdun, you have to admit that this just screams
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6770, dun, you have to admit that this just screams
Posted by poetx, Fri Oct-25-02 10:44 AM
conspiracy, even if there is none.

* only senator to oppose the iraq war resolution (don't know if he was the only one -- i'll check on that. )

* he was the furthest to the political left of anyone in the senate.

* wife was in the plane (so there'll be no repeat of the mel carnihan deal where the deadman/wife ticket still beat our atty general asscroft).

* dems hold a one vote majority in the senate, and his race was being touted (as recently as the day before on npr) as not only a crucial one for control of the senate, but as a referendum on the whole iraq war

if we stop shy of one 'c' word, i'm sure we can agree that, for the current administration, this was at least another one: "convenient". meanwhile the faustian pact is intact for good ol' strom and jessie (although libbie is running to fill the spot he's finally vacating).

just mad convenient.