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6721, Looking to add...
Posted by NuPwrSoul, Tue Oct-22-02 05:17 PM
...another level of discipline this year. Since I've been doing the one meal a day thing (a la "How to Eat to Live"), I pretty much have the rudiments down pat, so every year I try to add another requirement to make it a real trial.

One year it was no red meat, which I stuck to. Then another year, it was no land meats (only fish and vegetables) which I hung with the following year, only to fall back :-/ The next year, it was no meat, which I hung with for about a month after :-/ --the power of the bird LOL.

Some years it's been stuff like, keep the room clean and the papers organized and filed away... or establish regular sleeping patterns... or no TV... or no radio... or limited spending on non-essentials.

Not sure what it's going to be this year. Anybody else add resolutions to your Ramadan experience? Anything ranging from reading the Qur'an in its entirety, attending all Salaat-ul-Tarawih, weight loss, reconnecting with long lost friends/family, saving money, giving a little more in charity, etc.?