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Posted by Saracen, Tue Oct-22-02 05:03 PM
And you know thissssss, MAN!! I can't wait. It's time......For me, Ramadan is like New Years......The discipline and compassion I gain from fasting echos through to the next Ramadan.....Outta focus Ramadans......bring outta focus months until the next one...ya dig?

I'm finna jump into the Seerah and gang up on lectures by Hamza Yusef and Zaid Shakir.....They be rippin'... Purification of the Heart- PLEASE?!! Off da hook wisdom.

They just had a major Zaytuna Conference here in the Bay. I heard it was off da hook. Peep www.zaytuna.org for more info on Zaytuna and how they put it down. May Allah bless the global Ummah this Ramadan...we need the baraka...TAKBIR!! ALLAH U AKBAR!!


"There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man. True nobility comes from being superior to your old self." - Prophet Muhammad (SAW)