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Topic subjectOkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
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6718, OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Tue Oct-22-02 04:19 PM
Who is fasting for Ramadan on here?

oh yeah, come hear for your sahoor and iftar:
6719, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by Saracen, Tue Oct-22-02 05:03 PM
And you know thissssss, MAN!! I can't wait. It's time......For me, Ramadan is like New Years......The discipline and compassion I gain from fasting echos through to the next Ramadan.....Outta focus Ramadans......bring outta focus months until the next one...ya dig?

I'm finna jump into the Seerah and gang up on lectures by Hamza Yusef and Zaid Shakir.....They be rippin'... Purification of the Heart- PLEASE?!! Off da hook wisdom.

They just had a major Zaytuna Conference here in the Bay. I heard it was off da hook. Peep www.zaytuna.org for more info on Zaytuna and how they put it down. May Allah bless the global Ummah this Ramadan...we need the baraka...TAKBIR!! ALLAH U AKBAR!!


"There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow man. True nobility comes from being superior to your old self." - Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
6720, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by AZ, Wed Oct-23-02 06:33 AM
now that i live in the east bay i'm gonna definitely try to check out Zaytuna. please post if you hear of any upcoming events.
6721, Looking to add...
Posted by NuPwrSoul, Tue Oct-22-02 05:17 PM
...another level of discipline this year. Since I've been doing the one meal a day thing (a la "How to Eat to Live"), I pretty much have the rudiments down pat, so every year I try to add another requirement to make it a real trial.

One year it was no red meat, which I stuck to. Then another year, it was no land meats (only fish and vegetables) which I hung with the following year, only to fall back :-/ The next year, it was no meat, which I hung with for about a month after :-/ --the power of the bird LOL.

Some years it's been stuff like, keep the room clean and the papers organized and filed away... or establish regular sleeping patterns... or no TV... or no radio... or limited spending on non-essentials.

Not sure what it's going to be this year. Anybody else add resolutions to your Ramadan experience? Anything ranging from reading the Qur'an in its entirety, attending all Salaat-ul-Tarawih, weight loss, reconnecting with long lost friends/family, saving money, giving a little more in charity, etc.?
6722, A Message from Al Fatir...
Posted by Allah, Wed Oct-23-02 02:11 AM
How about no internet? :-p
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Wed Oct-23-02 04:23 AM
but i oplan on using this a tool for dawah during the sacred month
6724, NOOO DOUBT!!!!!!!
Posted by Abdurrashid, Tue Oct-22-02 09:42 PM
I'm already hype for it.....can't wait for EID either so I can get my feast on...if you know what I mean......

"The camel never sees its own hump but that of its brothers is always before its eyes"- N.African proverb
6725, RE: NOOO DOUBT!!!!!!!
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Wed Oct-23-02 12:49 AM
yeeep...check here.
6726, you listen to Tallpree? okay.....
Posted by Abdurrashid, Wed Oct-23-02 07:16 AM
>yeeep...check here.

"The camel never sees its own hump but that of its brothers is always before its eyes"- N.African proverb
6727, my first one ever!
Posted by abdul lateef, Wed Oct-23-02 01:29 AM
although ive done a fast for a week with no foods over the summer, this is going to be completely different for me...

6728, Me,me,me
Posted by MeDiNaStaR, Wed Oct-23-02 01:48 AM
This will be my first ramadan away from my mom...@abdul..you must feel excititing..I now I was...actually I'm excited now..this is my favorite month of the year

My favo Inet Guerilla's speaking on my upcoming bday:

''And may u live long enough to blow out a 100 candles.Don't worry about it, I'll hold your walkin stick for you''

'' I'll give you free weed, if you buy me a ticket to Amsterdam.''

'' Do you take creditcards?''

''Birthdays are so Not Afrikan''

..-My adorable sneakers...!

6729, Ramadan kareem
Posted by calminvasion, Wed Oct-23-02 03:43 AM
I'm fasting, have since I was 12. Unfortunatly, it's probably the only Muslim tradition I still observe. I do make it to friday prayerduring the month as well. I'm really looking forward to it too.
6730, nodoubt
Posted by paragon216, Wed Oct-23-02 03:53 AM
this is gonna be the illest yet
6731, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by HashimAbdulKhaliq, Wed Oct-23-02 04:24 AM
Yeah...kinda using Sha'baan to get reay Like i do every year.....w/ Dawoods(pbuh) Fast.
6732, Mos Definately!
Posted by DeRayeMustafa, Wed Oct-23-02 04:36 AM
I will be observing saum! I look very forward to Ramadan this year!

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You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,

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6733, i didnt know
Posted by SherronShabazz, Wed Oct-23-02 04:42 AM
it was an option! the date is nov 6th right?
6734, Inshallah!
Posted by injyl, Wed Oct-23-02 05:30 AM

depending on the moon :D

6735, RE: Inshallah!
Posted by SherronShabazz, Wed Oct-23-02 06:09 AM
i aint even ready. i been eating like a hog these days. not ready to just shut it off lol
6736, definitely.
Posted by AZ, Wed Oct-23-02 06:24 AM
it's my favorite time of the year.

6737, Ramadan Kareem okayummah.
Posted by AFRICAN, Wed Oct-23-02 08:12 AM
First ramadan here in africa for a very long time,at least i won't have to worry about peops eating in my face all day while im fasting,plus the family tradition is to have fatoor under the big mango tree.Last ramadan my broke ass was eating mcdonalds,ALHAMDULILAH.
6738, up for the ummah
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Wed Oct-23-02 04:25 PM

6739, Ready
Posted by Sudani, Wed Oct-23-02 10:22 PM
Never in my life did I think I would enjoy fasting from anything!

Trying to prepare...

Here is a useful link for the Ummah concerning Ramadan


6740, thanks!
Posted by Abbstrack, Wed Oct-23-02 11:58 PM

>Here is a useful link for the Ummah concerning Ramadan

for the link!
6741, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by Humzaki, Wed Oct-23-02 10:40 PM
Inshallah, this will be a excellent month for us all. I wonder if I can pull the fast of the mind....

Make du'ah that I(we all) can.

I hope we all have a blessed month and success during our fast.

As salaam alaikum
6742, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Thu Oct-24-02 12:37 AM
yeah i listen to ta double l, pr double e....i am just dumbe struck about the backlash to the rest of us in this whole sniper junk...john allan muhammad? cant wait till the alternate sources get the whole story...ok humzaki and bashir was right..i never expected this.....s.a.d.
6743, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by spoons, Thu Oct-24-02 04:25 AM
once again it's on!!! ---Cube
6744, me! me! me!!!!!!
Posted by Belief, Thu Oct-24-02 06:58 AM

6745, NOI fasts for ramadan?
Posted by ummah1421, Thu Oct-24-02 04:23 PM
not in december?
6746, Inshallah!
Posted by N1, Thu Oct-24-02 07:50 PM
I love Ramadan, this will be my forth...Inshallah. The first week of Tawareeh prayers are too hard LOL. Just think, in a few years Ramadan will be in the summer....Whoa!

Najmudeen Naeem Muhammad
6747, NOI been observing both since the mid-80s
Posted by NuPwrSoul, Thu Oct-24-02 10:57 PM
The NOI has been observing both Ramadans--the Arabic month & the December one--since the mid-80s. Since '98 when the two coincided, the transition was made to observe the Arabic month and now the December one is optional.

December was chosen by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad because it was the month with the shortest days of the year, to introduce the fast with ease, and because of the Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Years season. According to Min. Farrakhan, by now the members of the NOI should have gotten that under control, and the December "Ramadan" should no longer be necessary.
6748, RE: yeah man
Posted by Rexdale, Fri Oct-25-02 05:18 AM
Ramadan is a great time, the fasting of food part is easy for me, but the fasting of other things (temptation), is the harder part, which i've been working on for the last few ramadan's. Glad to see there are enough Muslims on the boards doing there thing! And for all those first timers, i'm gonna add ya'll in my prayers that you go through the month with ease!

6749, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by MUYNO, Fri Oct-25-02 05:08 PM
Asalaamu Alaikum.

This will be my second Ramadan that I will be fasting. I will be nursing so Im kinda nervous but looking forward to it. Insha Allah I will be able to do it.
6750, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Sat Oct-26-02 12:37 PM
6751, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by ummah1421, Sun Oct-27-02 06:35 PM
we got a week and some change left
6752, 2 DAYS!!!
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Mon Nov-04-02 08:22 AM

6753, Inshallah.....
Posted by Abdurrashid, Mon Nov-04-02 08:23 AM

"The camel never sees its own hump but that of its brothers is always before its eyes"- N.African proverb
6754, Everybody need to be!
Posted by dutch_schultz, Wed Nov-06-02 03:32 AM
Allah! There is no god but He,-the Living, the Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede in His presence except as He permitteth? He knoweth what (appeareth to His creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass aught of His knowledge except as He willeth. His Throne doth extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feeleth no fatigue in guarding and preserving them for He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory).

6755, inshallah
Posted by sungod1, Wed Nov-06-02 03:56 AM
no doubt
6756, Once Again
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Wed Nov-06-02 09:26 AM
its on
6757, Ramadan karim to ya'll.
Posted by TheMadMullah, Wed Nov-06-02 02:00 PM
I wish you all a successful and peaceful Ramadan.

Just-peace on earth!

6758, RE: OkayUmmah: Ramadan Check in
Posted by Abdul Malik Muhammad, Wed Nov-06-02 04:48 PM
Ramadan Kareem People. May Allah SWT grant us all many deeds during this sacred month filed with blessings. AMeen
6759, i am.
Posted by praverbs, Wed Nov-06-02 08:15 PM

i'm out for dead presidents to represent me
6760, masjid Omar Ibn Al Kittab
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Thu Nov-07-02 05:20 AM
on Exposition and Masjid Salaam on Florence has the best iftar

come kick it with the iqwaan muslimeen:
6761, Right Here!
Posted by CRichMonkey, Thu Nov-07-02 05:21 AM
fite wolks in my office don't understand how or why... but they respect me for it, and that's all I ask.

for the next four minutes and twelve seconds, I'm gonna try real hard to give a fuck about your opinion

6762, Ramadhan Kareem
Posted by Tariq3, Thu Nov-07-02 08:21 AM
everythings peace 'roun these parts. Actually today has been mad peaceful.
6763, post a an ayaat
Posted by AbdulJaleel, Thu Nov-07-02 08:51 AM