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Posted by The Casm, Sun Nov-10-02 08:45 AM
Hi Federisco! Good to see you back! Hope all is well with you and with college.

I work as a volunteer for a site elaborated by my Psychology teacher, Ismar Olive, and by the University of São Paulo - USP, considered the best University in Latin America -'s Educom project (which is aimed to increase awarness of social issues and enhance the ways of teaching in public schools in Brazil - it's only working for the Statae of São Paulo, but they're planning to extend it to the rest of the country, SOON AS THE GOVERNMENT PROVIDES THE MONEY THEY PROMISED...).

The site is intented to study the relationship between TV and kids, how one is influenciating the other. Based on the results, we suggest and redirect the children's interests and invite them for a more detailed, deeper analyzis of the bad aspects of Tv and how information can be manipulated by the media. It's a very rewarding job, even though i don't get paid for it, but it offers me fullfilment to know i might be helping to make a difference in the way kids percieve what's being offered to them as the truth, and, corny as it sounds, if i'm able to help ONLY ONE KID, that will make me extremely happy!

I'm also in contact with the NCN - Center for Black Counciousness (Núcleo de Consciência Negra, in Portuguese) to see what i can do to help there.

Of course i'd be doing a lot more if i could, but college's been keeping me real busy lately. I'll keep trying thouhg, long as i'm useful, it's all good.