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Topic subjectRE: what do you do? (activism, update)
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6545, RE: what do you do? (activism, update)
Posted by rawsouthpaw, Thu Nov-07-02 06:09 PM
i teach in the inner city (compton, CA), travel and dialogue in the philippines, do photojournalism- one project being filipino vets of ww2 who are being shafted by the us government, participate in community arts, build with activists, support artists and political figures with their efforts, among other little things.

"I'm never hesistant to say-
fuck the president!!"
-Akil, J5


"Friend, you have a .45 automatic on your lap. I've got a 35-millimeter camera on mine-- and I feel my weapon is more powerful than yours."
-Gordon Parks to Black Panther David Hilliard, 1969

you can't front on the raiders... those that sleep will catch a beatdown on the ground (garner,wheatley), in the air (gannon, brown, some guy named rice), or on D (cwoodson, rwoodson, gibson)