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6542, here goes:
Posted by Sunday, Thu Nov-07-02 03:23 PM
i go to rallies, demos, write letters and spread information.

i write grafitti, deface ads and engage in other (still relatively mild) vandalization...

i don't shop at major label/chain stores.

i don't eat at any fast food or other chain restaurants and i go to mom's and pop's instead of 7-eleven/beckers.

i try to buy as much local produce as possible.

i try to buy things "made in" canada and the u.s. only (you wouldn't believe how hard that is).

i take the bus except for when i get a carpool to work.

i don't watch t.v. (except sometimes music videos on *mute* cuz they're so funny and such a mockery of themselves...)

i'm on a mission to educate myself on minimizing the amount of garbage my household produces.

thats all i can think of for now...