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Posted by divine_sag, Fri Nov-08-02 09:53 AM
Okay I feel what you are saying, but not everyone who wants to help humanities contains the leadership skills to be the next MLK or X. One person can touch many lives. When people set realistic goals they are able to achieve more. No doubt that their needs to be a tranformative movement, but I can only contribute what i can during my time here to that movement.

<BUT THE FACT OF THE MATTER is that they are PART OF A SYSTEM <THAT SYSTEMATICALLY OPPRESSES africans (read your history, and <read current news about roles of missionaries...) they work <WITH and IN CLOSE CONJUNCTION with "outsider" NGOs, IMF, World <Bank, foreign govt/churches, etc etc

And you don't think that local groups are part of the system? If you stay here and do your work locally, well then you are still playing within the system and you still have to follow the system's rules. Take it out abroad and you have less constraints.