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Posted by malang, Wed Nov-06-02 01:30 PM
no disrespect,

but the idea of going "back/somewhere/anywhere/ancestral homeland" to "help" "them" or the "land" is pretty condescending. it is no different than the white man going to africa/asia/americas and saying, we the "enlightened/advanced/civilized/educated" are here to help/educate/civilize you because you yourself cannot do it.

the color of your skin makes no difference. the priviledge that you have of being born/raised/educated in the first world, having basic amenities, state repression (although vastly different), etc etc. (YES, even if u colored and broke)

i cant suggest any organizations of the top of my head, but i can give some ideas for truly transformative work:

- if you have a particular skill that is uncommon in X (part of Africa) and that cant be easily taught, THEN it makes most sense to go over there, spend a long time transfering those skills to local people who could use it

- ONE PERSONAL IDEA I have had for a project is to get all those white missionary/student/save the world organizations to give STOP GOING TO AFRICA and instead GIVE THEIR money to local organizations that already do the same work. (EX: spending $6000 in travel and other expenses to build a school building that would cost $2000 for local workers to build AND PROVIDE EMPLOYMENT) THAT TYPE OF SHIT IS MORE ABOUT FEELING GOOD BOUT YOURSELF and being able to say I WENT TO AFRICA...and all other condescending, patronizing, racist shit that they always say....

-figure out ways to provide SKILLS AND RESOURCES, RESOURCES, RESOURCES to people there already doing good unduplicated work...

- AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, no true social change can be brought about without direct and active decision making of people who AFFECTED MOST....dont be like whitey and say THIS IS WHAT U NEED....people know what they need, some may need some education/awareness to other options/alternatives, but in the end, only the oppressed truly understand their oppression and ways to change it...

good luck...