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Topic subjectRE: what do you do? (activism, update)
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6525, RE: what do you do? (activism, update)
Posted by Monique, Mon Oct-28-02 09:03 AM

I lend myself trying to create a better environment of education,housing,interstate,median landscaping and other issues in between.

Education~~~The underpriviledged children who are cast aside because they have behavioral problems.

Yes,separate them for the good of other students,but provide for their needs,however it is they can learn.

Little Johnny(ie) may not can learn from the book along with the class,but allll too often Lil Johnny(ie) does have a talented gift from God and need coaching,bringing out that talent,keep the focus on education at his(her) pace of understanding,not just sitting up in a room all day under detention! While the studious,ability to learn from books children receive much attention.

Bring in the vocational skills,often times Lil Johnny(ie) can draw,paint amazing pictures,quite skillful with tools and may not can even read!,and more,but give him(her) hope!

The children who can steal your car and 1 mile away it come from wherever and you cannot even recognize that car.

Maybe some type co-op within the schools that just might make the children think before they go out and steal a car,but learn everything,inclusive of the "business side".Future productive children.

Yes,we want children in school,graduating with knowledge to be productive citizens,even furthering their education,but it is time to work with students for who they are,learning capabilities and stop claming it as a cop out in society that they do not want to do anything in life.

Or,just keep trying to make them be who we want them to be,instead of working with and developing who they are within by what they see and live!

It is not pandering to bad behavior,but recognizing the need to trainnnn these students!

Or we,just continue to be victims,or reduce victimization.

Tax dollars will be spent one way,or the other.Prison,or training to keep from prison and grow to be productive citizens.

Affordable Housing,as many children as possible need to live in a house/w a fenced yard! Recreational goods! and more!

I do it my way,often times great results for the people.

Someone should have read a letter today!

I love to "ride out" looking at some results!

I love to read and see some results.

I love to watch the news and see some results.

I love to see news .coms results.

I give the Glory To God In Jesus Name.

Still works to be done!

I love to watch the results because first and foremost it make others lives better.