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Topic subjectfuck her opponents! respect to a sister of resistance
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6520, fuck her opponents! respect to a sister of resistance
Posted by rawsouthpaw, Fri Nov-15-02 05:41 PM
this is another reason why i love okplayer.

we're spreading the word about another voice of the voiceless and the vampires that bleed them for what they're worth.

women get shit on by men of all faiths and if it were always up to many of these sick men, that foot would stay on their necks.

"I'm never hesistant to say-
fuck the president!!"
-Akil, J5


"Friend, you have a .45 automatic on your lap. I've got a 35-millimeter camera on mine-- and I feel my weapon is more powerful than yours."
-Gordon Parks to Black Panther David Hilliard, 1969