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Posted by osoclasi, Sat Nov-16-02 12:41 PM
First of all you never responded to my other post. But hey I am a nice guy I still will respond to this one, even though you skipped my other aruguments.

>so 11 means 12 now like 1 means 3? i didnt do so well in
>math..only lvl 2 regents...so help a brovah out....

Response: No, that means that the apostles were refered to as the 12. That is another name for them.

>>itself (not worship..worship is more than prostrating...if
>that was the case..we muslims worship the black
>stone..intention is the elixr as the sufis say. murder vs
>self defence) man, as a command from who they
>worship.....and man worships allah (in theory) because allah
>also says in the quran:

Response: Well personally I think the whole black stone thing is kind of wierd, but hey thats just me. So I take it from this verse that man is higher on God's list than angels? That brings up another arguement then, (if you agree with this). Look at what Satan says:

" Then began Satan to whisper suggestions to them, bringing openly before there minds all their shame... He said ' Your Lord Only forbid you this tree, Lest you should become angels or such beings as live for ever. (sura 7:20-25)

Here's the problem. Why is Satan tempting man by promising him that he would be like angels or become immortal, when we already saw that man was created higher than angels, and why would man fear death when he was already pure and sinless?
>so did he or didnt he leave a sign (i know isa did, your
>hispanic jesus god dude to you maybe)....in acts which came
>after mark claim he did? who was right saul of tarsus, or

Response: Actually its Peter talking not Paul. First of all Mark does not say that Jesus did not do miracles. Jesus did not do miracles for the unbeilevers from that time on. What Peter is referring to is the fact that Jesus did miracles period. (does not matter when). Those miracles that he did during his ministry pointed to him being the messiah.

>dont slide over the question....one says yes and the other
>no....this is the holy (pure) bible..

Response: You never read Mark within its context. Pharisees wanted him to do a miracle, Jesus declined. Thats all.

>>according to the scholors b4 us (ghazzali included)..tawaba
>(returning...turning around/repentence..like tawaf..the
>thing we do around the kaabaa) absolves any sin..if one was
>to die in a state of kufur (covering up/rejection...like
>kufs=socks..kufi="hat like thing") then shirk (polytheism)
>is unforgivable...allah gives us every second to change our
>ways and grants us alot of slack......see the context of the
>word forgiveth..meaning will not...allah is beyone time.

Response: Hold up. That is not what the passages says. It does not mention death nor does it mention a second chance. Where do the scholars get this from. Look at sura 4:116:

" God forgiveth not (the sin of) joining gods with Him; But he forgiveth whom he pleaseth other sins than this; one who joins other gods with God hath strayed far away."

Sorry Troll you are reading into the text here, you offer no intrepretation of the text itself.

....you, on the
>other hand have the freedom to do what you want...when you
>want in this world...only to have your prison in the

Response: Again, you are not dealing with the text.
>you left out a few of them....but thats ok...i dont like
>talking about this stuff much...and i do believe that this
>topic is being stretched...

Response: No, I responded to them all. They are up above look at " But the Quran says"