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Topic subjectRE: do i question your understanding
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6503, RE: do i question your understanding
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 12:15 PM
>of your faith!?

Response: I don't care whether or not you do or don't. Feel free I might be a little tougher than you give me credit for.

>dont ever question mine u ill equipped

Response: Hmm, more name calling. That must be hadd or something.
>its in the Maulana Muhammad Ali

Response: Like I figured its in the arabic. Right wink, wink. Funny neither Yusif Ali's nor Penquin classic show tooth brush hmm, maybe they don't know arabic. Oh well.
>u think cuz u read a chapter or 2 u know my nature better
>than i do...

Response: A chapter or 2?? Actually I read three chapters. So nah take that.