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Topic subjectRE: A SOMALI WOMEN EH....
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Posted by Rexdale, Thu Nov-14-02 11:34 AM
Like so many ppl said before, the genital thing is an ancient African thing (I believe it was practiced in Ancient Egypt too), and now a days, barely no one does it anymore (I'm Somali I know), it only went on because ppl were holding on the their pre-Islamic practices, and many learnt Somali Muslim leaders are speaking out against it.
And to, that Christian dude on the board trying his best to taint Islam, and to all others, know this man, what you and anyone else have against Islam will not change the fact that is Islam will continue to grow, thanks to ppl like your Christian brethern BUSH, is only getting stronger, now that the true Muslims (some of the defenders on this board including) are taking their faith more seriously (how can you not, with all this anti-Islamic ish out there), and all the fake ppl who never really had faith, like that Dutch Somali women are being exposed to the Ummah for what she is. We are some peaceful peeps, but this magnifying glass on the Islamic world needs to stop, how you gonna group ISLAMIC practices and CULTURAL or SINFUL practices (because Muslim do sin, when did we claim we were perfect). ISLAM IS PERFECT, MUSLIMS ARE NOT. THERE I SAID IT.