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Topic subjectALL YALL TALK TO MUCH!!!
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Posted by injyl, Wed Nov-13-02 10:45 AM

look let me tell u all some things again!!!

1. female circumcision is not a Islamic thing
thats a cultural thing

since in the Quran its says not to alter Allahs creations in anyway not to even fix gaps in teeth let alone cut shtttuff off!!

2. whoever it was that put the Surah about disobedient woman & to beat them

read more & if u did pos the rest of it not only what is convenient to your point
it says to beat them with what a tooth brush i believe & to be as heavy handed as a feather
really its sayin if nothing else works u need to go head & leave that broad alone & give her none & u cant be tryin to knock her out cuz shes a female & u got to be gentle with her!

Islam is a lifestyle for some a religion for others

but to both it is a quest for PEACE

Jesus loved all the children & Muhammad taught them to fear no one but ALLAH

if they dont want to listen & want to fear there husbands & fathers
& that brother that say he Imam or a shikh thats their problem

Allah will put no burden upon u that u cannot bear

& dre is right this is not only a "muslim" thing its just so happened she is a muslim ITS more cultural.

This is what happens when state & religion mix

u dont know what is culture & what is religion if u are just a blind follower

u mix them

& those governments use this to there advantage

when they need it they put in affect Islamic law

three ways to get something: (1) by trading, (2) by receiving a gift (from love or friendship), or (3) by force ("do what I want or I'll shoot you"). Honest, peaceful people operate in the first two ways. Criminals and the state operate by force, aggression, coercion.