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Topic subjectRE: Makes you wonder?
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6493, RE: Makes you wonder?
Posted by deafening_silence, Wed Nov-13-02 05:43 AM
>so as an example, are all Catholic priests molesters? Are
>all Baptist preachers womanizers, opportunists and people
>who take advantage of the congregation? No. So the same
>with Islam. 1 bad apple or a few bad apples can appear to
>spoil the bunch, but it don't. Ya'll are really sad if you
>would blame a whole religion or group of people for the
>actions, beliefs and words of others. Ya'll just as bad as
>white people that say that all black people are either on
>drugs, selling drugs, on welfare or in jail. Shame!
>Ramadan Mubarak!

Yes, well said!

So many ppl say shit about some religion but they don't even know shit about it... if u dont know the truth then u don't have the right to be hating on anyone who's from that religion... thats just stupid.