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Topic subjectnot my point.
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6488, not my point.
Posted by LexM, Fri Nov-15-02 01:18 PM
you seem to have pretty extensive knowledge on these things.

so all i'm saying is (okayummah feel free to correct me if i'm wrong on this), you ought to know better than to say muslims are sworn against YOU vs. other "unbelievers"

the bible and torah are considered different degrees of the same revelation. hell, the bible stories and the stories of the koran are the same--in some cases virtually verbatim. i've read enough of both at this point to see that much.

so you ARE a "person of the book" as far as a REAL muslim is concerned. i can't speak for the extremists. "true" unbelievers appear to fall under pagans, polytheists, atheists, etc.

hey...who's gonna buy me for christmas??

i wanna channel words like
whoopi channeled ghosts
break nouns, verbs and concepts
like mongolian equestrians
break horses
and ride across mental deserts
with deceptively easy beauty
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