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Posted by DeRayeMustafa, Mon Nov-18-02 01:27 PM
>Response: Sounds good. I have class tonight and it does not
>end until 9:50 PM. So I will either write up an arguement
>tonight when I get back. Or tomorrow after work. I will
>title it Christian/Muslim debate pt 1, the only question
>that I have (in order to be accurate) is that when you say
>'son of God' you mean that Jesus himself is not God?

Cool! When I say "Son of God" I mean it in the traditional sense of a son in which the words are used. And yes, I am saying that not only is Jesus not the "son" of God, but he is definately not god. But insha allah we shall speak about that tommorow! :)

>So this debate would be me defending the deity of Christ
>correct? IF it is then I will post something pretty soon
>then. Also are we just using the bible?

I wouldn't say that this would be about you defending the "deity of Christ (RA), but your belief in him being a deity. We don't have to use the Bible, we could use any source that is an authentic source.

>Response: Ok, I should have something up no later than Wed
>evening, or maybe as early as tonight. (depending on how
>tired I am after class.)

Cool! This should be very interesting and informative. I look forward to it.

>>Both actually. I'm denying the sonship of Jesus and I'm
>>also implying that others were called son's of god before
>>Jesus (RA)
>Response: And by sonship you mean 'deity' correct?

By sonship I mean an actual son, next of kin of God.

>Response: Ok, I will attack islam next debate. And if the
>above questions are accurate then I will get started on the

Well come on with it!

Ramadan Mubarak!