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6482, couple more question
Posted by osoclasi, Mon Nov-18-02 09:05 AM
>We could have it be between us primarily but since this is
>okayplayer, I don't think that's going to happen completely.

Response: Sounds good. I have class tonight and it does not end until 9:50 PM. So I will either write up an arguement tonight when I get back. Or tomorrow after work. I will title it Christian/Muslim debate pt 1, the only question that I have (in order to be accurate) is that when you say 'son of God' you mean that Jesus himself is not God?

So this debate would be me defending the deity of Christ correct? IF it is then I will post something pretty soon then. Also are we just using the bible?
>This part I don't care about

Response: Thats fine.
>I'd have to say go ahead. We could begin another post.

Response: Ok, I should have something up no later than Wed evening, or maybe as early as tonight. (depending on how tired I am after class.)
>Both actually. I'm denying the sonship of Jesus and I'm
>also implying that others were called son's of god before
>Jesus (RA)

Response: And by sonship you mean 'deity' correct?

>And always! I'll defend Islam till there's no breathe left
>in me to defend with.

Response: Ok, I will attack islam next debate. And if the above questions are accurate then I will get started on the debate.