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Topic subjectRE: how do you want to do it
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6481, RE: how do you want to do it
Posted by DeRayeMustafa, Mon Nov-18-02 06:53 AM
>Do you want it to be just me and you.(if they let us do that
>here) Or do you want me to write a post and let every body
>join in?
We could have it be between us primarily but since this is okayplayer, I don't think that's going to happen completely.

>Do you want a word limit. Say 1500 for opening statements,
>1000 for rebuttals, 500 for closing arguements? Or do you
>not care about all this

This part I don't care about

>Do you want me to go first with the opening argument, then
>you rebuttal, I go third and you go last? Or would you
>rather have the opening arguement?

I'd have to say go ahead. We could begin another post.

>I probably would lean more towards debating the deity of
>Christ and the realibility of scriptures. (which include
>Jesus's teachings.)
>And really quick. What do you mean by "sonship" of God
>throughout the bible? Are you saying that Jesus was not the
>Son of God, or are you saying that there are other sons of

Both actually. I'm denying the sonship of Jesus and I'm also implying that others were called son's of god before Jesus (RA)
>Also after this debate are you interested in defending

And always! I'll defend Islam till there's no breathe left in me to defend with.
Ramadan Mubarak!