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Topic subjectWell let the games begin!!!
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6479, Well let the games begin!!!
Posted by DeRayeMustafa, Sun Nov-17-02 10:53 AM
I for one would be VERY interested in such a debate. And in turn would could also debate/discuss not argue on Christian subjects on Christian theology such as the status of women, the authenticity of the Bible, the geneology of Jesus/Isa (RA), the "sonship" of god throughout the Bible, the alteration of the teachings of Nabi Isa (RA), the "results" of Christianity (since "terrorism" and other ills seen in some Muslim populated countries done by Muslims are attached so to the religion of Islam) or whatever it is that you'd want to debate. This would be both very informative and fun, I accept your challenge! The ball is in your court playa'!
Ramadan Mubarak!