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Topic subjectRE: Alright, now tell me...
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6478, RE: Alright, now tell me...
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 07:07 PM
>seperated by an interval of seven years doesnt mean revealed
>7 years later......very few surahs were revealed in
>totality.....and most of them are in juz 30.......so there i
>did answer your question....but now i am entertaining

Response: does not matter. I don't have to be right about that one. He just asked so I gave an answer. does not make me any difference what so ever.
>and yusef ali's commentary is not the best.....look at ibn
>ata'allah or ibn kathir......yusef ali was a translator and
>his commentary is akin to saying that the king james version
>of the bible is the best one.........not by a longshot.

Response: Thats fine.
>its funny, you say that you are taking it easy on "us"
>ignorant muslims....so my question to you is
>this............why is you weakest effort so weak?

Response: Well, I am trying to be nice here. I have not even begun. I don't think you are justified in calling my arguement weak with answers like beat really means hit. LOL

i say
>pump up your kufur to level 10..(i would rather you dont,
>but the sunnah of being a kafir is the more you loose, the
>more straws you clutch..its in the quran, you should know
>this)....if you are proud of being a kafir (and not just
>someone who doesnt want to be muslim, thats just a
>nonmuslim, a kafiir is who fights it).....trust me you
>havent scared us yet.....so dont be scurrd...um ummmmm, dont
>be scurrd....

Response: Would you like for me to post something against islam??

I can attack 1)islamic monotheism (a God's absolute unity b) voluntarism c) agnosticism d fatalism d) philosophically.

2)mohammed a) divine call b) supposed miracles c)his morals imperfections

.3) the quran a) statis of women b) erros c)unique literary style d)prophesies e)unity f)scientific accuracy g)contridictions h) and finally violence.

So if you want me too start a post and we can debate let me know.