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6476, RE: Alright, now tell me...
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 12:42 PM

Response: I notice you did not correct me. does that mean you don't know yourself?? But wait I have a source. What does Yusif say?

" Logically this sura follows up the arguement of the last sura (VIII) and indeed may be considered a part of it, although chronologically the two are seperated by an interval of seven years."
>prove it...they never broke a treaty.....which one? at
>tabari would disagree and he has the longes volumes on
>islamic history.....but then again you were there....

Response: That is what the sura is about. Look at this:

" (But the treaties are) not disolved with those pagans with whom Ye have alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, Nor aided any one against you. So fufil your engagements with them to the end of the term: for God loveth the righteous."

Then it really gets good.

But when the forbidden months are past, then fight and slay the pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleager them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. But if they repent..." Sura 9:4-5

I never said the muslims broke the treaty, the enemies did.

>and so it is...but like vanilla ice cream with alot of
>topping choices...you dont have to choose them all...and
>actually, you would be strange if you ordered vanilla ice
>cream with rootbeer, and chocolate sprinkles, with hot
>sauce, and hog gravy.

Response: What are you talking about?

>quran means to recite or recitation....tell me oh monkey
>boy, how could it be recited in english if the languages
>arent related? in fact since you have an islam bias..ask
>someone who speaks hebrew how well it translates into
>english and you will hear that about 40 percent of the
>meaning is lost. (i used to live in crown heights....)

Response: Well for your info this monkey boy is studing bibical Hebrew right now. And it translates pretty well. I use a BHS (biblia hebraica stuttgartensia) bible.

>same old kafr arguement.....instead of reaching past his own
>nafs...he revels in them like swine in mud....

Response: Oh you shut me up with that one.
>after badr....that was the call, take it out of context but
>bush said n. corea is part of the axis of evil....guess that
>means coreans are related to satan....

Response: Oh boy.
>meanwhile that hadith deals with the fact that the emuslims
>were under attack...and because of that the property and
>blood of your enemy is halal for you....you know..like eibn
>ladens blood is halal for your tax dollars:)...and innocent
>children in iraq are being helped everyday with bombs from
>your tax dollars:)...meanwhile your bigggest issue is the
>fact that during war people arent allowed to say "the enemy
>will pay"...the example is the sunnah which shows how he did
>it....ill give you an example...how many people died when
>the muslims conquered mecca?.......................ill give
>you a hint........its less than 1.

Response: yeah but how many jews died during the islamic conquest? I give you a hint more than 1.
>how many muslims killed any jews after they were betrayed by
>their neighbors in the battle of uhud (they broke the
>treaty)....ill help you....you seem a little slow..none

Response: So how do you explain what happen to Ibnu'l-Ashraf. Oh wait he was the one jew.
>you take things out of context if you wish.......but the
>whole internet is watching you become a larger fool post by
>post...even the worst of the islam haters on this board have
>some understanding of islam...you are completely defunct of
>any knowledge...in fact anything you find seems to be from
>some rabid-xtian-white-racist-group-anti-islam-site. for you
>i wish you the best in your hope to use your cold dame
>prmote corner of the internet to debunk 1400 (and then
>some)years of history......you fail to recognize the power
>of amana:)

Response: Translation. Maybe if I say the whole internet disagrees with him, then maybe that will distract him long enough for me to find a better arguement than he is taking those clear verses out of context.
>and thats what makes you a fool...a body w/o need of a
>ruh...no nur......twisted aql....may allah have mercy on

Response: Translation: And if I keep calling him names maybe he will get frustrated and stop picking on me.