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Topic subjectAll I have to say is
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6468, All I have to say is
Posted by DeRayeMustafa, Thu Nov-14-02 01:29 PM
....that your understanding of Islam is a bit skewed. What is your understanding of that Iyat? What do you think it means? That Muslims are free to go and attack non Muslims now? No. You must first understand that during the time of the revelation of this Surah the Muslims were at war with the Meccans. The Meccans waged the war and the Muslims were forced to defend themeselves, so when it says fight the unbelievers it is from a defensive stance, not that of the aggressor. Any Muslim would tell you that we fight not as the aggressor, but in defense, to defend Islam. Though some Muslims have been known to be aggressors this is not Islam. Then again, I rarely see any Christians turning the other cheek. We can go back and forth about what religion has done what throughout history until we turn blue in the face (which would be a little hard for me to do) but the truth is, we get no where. Just as your argument is going. Your not going to be able to prove Islam to be a violent religion. When, what was it 10,000 Muslims entered Mecca not one drop of blood was shed. Not one. This is your violent religion? In my years of being a Muslim, I've never been taught to slay non-believers. Ever. So tell me something I don't know. Enlighten me as to why you, who read the Qur'an out of context as if it is some ordinary book, understand my own religion better than myself. Forgive me if the tone of this sounds harsh, for I'm not coming at you like that at all, only trying to make a point clear. Fight those who believe not in Allah does not mean attack those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day. Two different meanings. Fighting goes deeper than violence anyways. Also, the Jizyah was not a religious tax, it was a tax, protection, compensation for living within Islamic boarders. America has taxes too. Pick up your Abdullah Yusuf Ali Transliteration and read the Intro to this Surah and read C.93. Matter of fact, read about Islamic history and how Islam came to be during the time of Muhammad (peace be upon him)

I'm done.
Ramadan Mubarak!