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Posted by osoclasi, Sat Nov-16-02 12:53 PM

>but it's all about how those scriptures are interpreted.
>that's why we have a million & one denominations now. that's
>all you have. so to say that "it's the men & not the
>scriptures", how about you follow a system that doesn't even
>give you an excuse to go that route because women aren't
>specifically targeted as "less than"?

Response: please the denomination arguement is not very convincing. All denominition agree about the esscentials to the faith. The things inwhich the church has held dear to itself throughout its history. i.e. the trinity.
And no its not about how they are interpreted, there is a right way and a wrong way. A lot of things that you see in denominations are grounded in tradition rather than biblical interpretain. In other words this is what the church has always done, and then someone comes along and says that not biblical.

>ok maybe not specifically, but there's plenty about the
>husband being the head, "wives submit to your husbands,"
>etc. and yes, i know that whole "the man's supposed to
>submit to god" thing, but the majority don't take it that

Response: But you can't blame the bible for those husbands abuse of the text. That's not the scriptures fault, they need to look at the context of the passage.

>you know most christian men don't have a deep enough
>understanding to take those passages as meaning much more
>than "i run the show". and a lot of christian women play
>into that mentality themselves.

Response: Yep, thats true, but thats nothing to do with Christianity.
>>some christian women are forced to wear skirts and/or cover
>most of their bodies/hair 24/7, as i'm sure you know. again,
>it all boils down to interpretation. scripture may not
>DETAIL a practice, but apparently IMPLICATION is enough in
>most cases.

Response: thats more tradition than interpretion though. Although some passages are somewhat difficult to apply to today.

>well how do u know most muslim men feel that way? and i
>think you have quite a few views most christian men might
>not vibe w/ too well, considering the conversations i've had
>with a few.

Response: Oh yeah you are right there. I offend alot of people with some of my deeper theological views. (wait until you see me argue about God's predestination issues). But, like I said I am dealing with the Quran textually. does not matter how they feel. They have to prove me wrong contextually, before I change my mind.

>hmph. well if christianity is supposed to "save" me, i'd
>rather be a heathen, thanks.

Response: Well, thats up to you. My point was that there is some value to debating.