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Topic subjectoh come on now
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6460, oh come on now
Posted by LexM, Sat Nov-16-02 08:10 AM
>>that i don't know the bible well enough to point out a
>>scripture, but i will work on it. however, men have been
>>using some justification to do it all these years. perhaps
>>the term "chastise" has been taken too far, i don't know.
>Response: Thats just it, men have done this. Not the
>scripures themselves.

but it's all about how those scriptures are interpreted. that's why we have a million & one denominations now. that's all you have. so to say that "it's the men & not the scriptures", how about you follow a system that doesn't even give you an excuse to go that route because women aren't specifically targeted as "less than"?

>Response: No,the people in the big 3 are resposible not the
>scripures. Well at least the scriptures don't condone this
>action. We don't have verse that admit that man has a degree
>of advantage over women. (2:228)

ok maybe not specifically, but there's plenty about the husband being the head, "wives submit to your husbands," etc. and yes, i know that whole "the man's supposed to submit to god" thing, but the majority don't take it that far.

you know most christian men don't have a deep enough understanding to take those passages as meaning much more than "i run the show". and a lot of christian women play into that mentality themselves.

>>hence, i don't know why you insist on arguing details about
>>the DEGREE of disrespect women face in either system.
>Response: Oh i don't kmow, maybe its because we don't
>require women to wear veil in order to make sure we don't
>lust. Or walk behind us nor are we allowed to beat(hit) them
>or banish them from our beds.

some christian women are forced to wear skirts and/or cover most of their bodies/hair 24/7, as i'm sure you know. again, it all boils down to interpretation. scripture may not DETAIL a practice, but apparently IMPLICATION is enough in most cases.

>Response: Yeah but my view is dealing with women preaching.
>Neither view is disrespecting women in any way, I just think
>that God has set roles for each gender to do. I don't think
>men are smarter, or can hit their wives. I just think it has
>to do with function instead of superiority.

well how do u know most muslim men feel that way? and i think you have quite a few views most christian men might not vibe w/ too well, considering the conversations i've had with a few.

>Response: Not always. I know some stories of people who were
>saved after listening to debates. After examining both sides
>of the issue. so I think it has some good.

hmph. well if christianity is supposed to "save" me, i'd rather be a heathen, thanks.

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