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Topic subjectRE: i can admit
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Posted by osoclasi, Fri Nov-15-02 06:49 PM
>that i don't know the bible well enough to point out a
>scripture, but i will work on it. however, men have been
>using some justification to do it all these years. perhaps
>the term "chastise" has been taken too far, i don't know.

Response: Thats just it, men have done this. Not the scripures themselves.
>but the intention of my post--given the fact that i may or
>may not be wrong about a specific scripture being
>present--was that BOTH faiths have been used to perpetuate
>outdated, outmoded, and disrespectful attitudes and behavior
>towards women. all of the "big 3", imo, were the beginning
>of the end of the acknowledgement of women's equal role in
>the universe, and we've been suffering ever since.

Response: No,the people in the big 3 are resposible not the scripures. Well at least the scriptures don't condone this action. We don't have verse that admit that man has a degree of advantage over women. (2:228)
>hence, i don't know why you insist on arguing details about
>the DEGREE of disrespect women face in either system.

Response: Oh i don't kmow, maybe its because we don't require women to wear veil in order to make sure we don't lust. Or walk behind us nor are we allowed to beat(hit) them or banish them from our beds.
>you yourself have said you hold some views that some
>christians might not agree with, just like some of the more
>progressive muslim men on this site might not be welcomed in
>a more conservative setting.

Response: Yeah but my view is dealing with women preaching. Neither view is disrespecting women in any way, I just think that God has set roles for each gender to do. I don't think men are smarter, or can hit their wives. I just think it has to do with function instead of superiority.
>it all boils down to interpretation, with you AND with them.

Response: I disagree. Those who think that women should preach feel the exact same way I do about women equality with men. We don't disagree on that part. I never said banish a women from your bed etc. I am talking about one specific role within the church. Thats all. And I have an arugement from scripture, my heart is actually with the women, I just can't get around certain verses that seem to speak against it.
>you think your god is right. they think theirs is. it's a
>losing battle. *shrug*

Response: Not always. I know some stories of people who were saved after listening to debates. After examining both sides of the issue. so I think it has some good.