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6458, i can admit
Posted by LexM, Fri Nov-15-02 01:03 PM
>Response: I notice you lack proof of your arguement.

that i don't know the bible well enough to point out a scripture, but i will work on it. however, men have been using some justification to do it all these years. perhaps the term "chastise" has been taken too far, i don't know.

but the intention of my post--given the fact that i may or may not be wrong about a specific scripture being present--was that BOTH faiths have been used to perpetuate outdated, outmoded, and disrespectful attitudes and behavior towards women. all of the "big 3", imo, were the beginning of the end of the acknowledgement of women's equal role in the universe, and we've been suffering ever since.

hence, i don't know why you insist on arguing details about the DEGREE of disrespect women face in either system.

you yourself have said you hold some views that some christians might not agree with, just like some of the more progressive muslim men on this site might not be welcomed in a more conservative setting.

it all boils down to interpretation, with you AND with them.

and the bottom line, like sooooo many people have tried to tell you before, is that if you argue something from a basis of faith, there's ALWAYS going to be a right or wrong. you can argue until the cows come home, but eventually you're going to have to agree to disagree.

you think your god is right. they think theirs is. it's a losing battle. *shrug*

hey...who's gonna buy me for christmas??

i wanna channel words like
whoopi channeled ghosts
break nouns, verbs and concepts
like mongolian equestrians
break horses
and ride across mental deserts
with deceptively easy beauty
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