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6456, show me scripture
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 06:25 PM
>the bible's equally clear about letting men beat their wives

Response: I notice you lack proof of your arguement.
>...and testament, shmeshtament. i've known plenty of
>christians who flip flop back & forth between the two, no
>matter what jesus supposedly absolved y'all of.

Response: Real scholarly statment here.
>...oh and DeRaye makes an excellent point about translation.
>at least there's only one quran. go try & find the "right"

Response:that is because the 4th Uthman burned all other textual varianst of the Quran.
However actually there are textual variants amongst qurans today. I saw an article in discovery magazine about it 2 years ago. And I have run across some variants in arabic myself.
So not all Qurans are the same.