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Topic subjectlike you have ground to stand on
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6455, like you have ground to stand on
Posted by LexM, Thu Nov-14-02 03:23 PM
the bible's equally clear about letting men beat their wives

...and testament, shmeshtament. i've known plenty of christians who flip flop back & forth between the two, no matter what jesus supposedly absolved y'all of.

it's all ancient patriarchy. and it all reads about the same.

...oh and DeRaye makes an excellent point about translation. at least there's only one quran. go try & find the "right" bible.

y'all kill me goin back & forth over this like it's not 2 versions of the same thing...

hey...who's gonna buy me for christmas??

i wanna channel words like
whoopi channeled ghosts
break nouns, verbs and concepts
like mongolian equestrians
break horses
and ride across mental deserts
with deceptively easy beauty
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