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Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 12:59 PM
>no...just me calling a spade a spade.

Response: Or you can't defend islam very well.
>see..a twitt in action.....context over content....but i
>would guess you knew that?

Response: yep
>thankyou english teacher..i didnt know that a message board
>was now a term paper...ill be sure to note and waste my life
>spell checking message board posts to impress you...:) btw
>its thank you and not thankyou isnt it?

Response: Actually I did not realize that word was suppose to mean beating. I thought you were trying to get around the word.
>>if the required punishment for my wifes behavior (ie
>stealing)....and the qadi (you know what that is right? bah
>you know islamic law so you should)

Response: Yep. A judge of Muslim law; appointed by a ruler whose duties include supervision or endowments; inheritances etc.

says her punishment is
>that she would be lashed then go home to her children
>(instead of taking her away)...ill beat her......rather tha
>have her go to prison for 10 years.....when its my
>turn...(hopefully not of either of us)...ill let the muslim
>in charge of the hadud carry out the whipping on me....its
>islamic law...love it or leave it....you seem fine with
>daily anal rapes in rahway st in jersey....if you even been
>to prison, sr seen a man get deflowered, youll change you
>mind and agree that 10 lashes is nothing...

Response: Yeah, I think that you need to think about this a little more, before you try to continue this debate.
>i am sure you do...but the funny thing is you seem to follow
>me..so ill have you know i dont take well to stalkers....but
>since you done seem like you will stop........at least by me
>flowers....white roses are my favoorite..

Response: hmm, I thought you responded to one of my post first?