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Posted by osoclasi, Thu Nov-14-02 12:07 PM
>the difference you ignorant twitt...

Response: Ignorant twitt?? ouch. Hey is that part of hadd??

if the fact that its
>called hadd...punishment for WHAT ANYONE MALE OR FEMALE DOES

Response: I don't have any brothers.

>next on the list is the fact that (and trust me on this
>one)...i promise...wallahi...i will not cry if you dont
>become muslim....

Response: Really, I thought I let you down.

you speak like you would be doing me a
>favor.....half wit...maybe you learn to read and understand
>what you read...then you would have something constructive
>(good or bad) to say rather that scathing the fact that
>hitting, whipping, and beathing (whatever you want to call
>it) is a method of punishment in islam.......dont like it?

Response: is calling me half wit part of Islamic punishment as well? By the way its not hitting, whipping or beathing its beating.

>support your country who puts people in prison for life for
>stealing food.......

Response: Or just smack them up a bit huh.
>oh better yet!!! why dont you just place them all in prisons
>that cost over 60k a year to keep a prisoner....well...i
>hopr you enjoyed ignorance corner..and remember people in
>disney world that osoclasi lives in hitting is wrong
>children....so never hit anyone.........fool.

Response: No, just hitting your wife is.
>and you arent doing allah a favor by becoming muslim....in
>fact when you grow up out of your utopian shell and come
>into the real world..you will come to realize that hitting
>as far better than slavery...i mean imprisonment....sorry,
>that was just my friend freud...

Response: you mean to tell me I am not on Allah's top favorite list?? Darn I try so hard.